A cheese KitKat? Gimme a break, already.

There’s one thing to be said about Asian culture and their approach to candy: nothing is sacred. It comes as no surprise that someone would take the cornerstone of chocolate wafer snacks, the KitKat, and produce it in a Cheese variety. That only makes sense, really, right? After the nosebleed stopped and I was able […]


This was not meant for Blizzard™-ing.

There are certain recipes that are perfect the way they are. You don’t need to re-interpret them, you don’t need to riff on them, you should just make them and serve them they way that they’ve been served for years. Any effort to adjust these recipes ends in disaster for all involved. Enter the Dairy […]


Boiling Peeps

There are plenty of ways to kill a peep. The latest? Submerge them in coffee! Mu-hu-ha-ha-ha-ha!


It’s Miraculin! Meet the Mberry.

It was almost two years ago when the Internet food scene first stumbled upon the Miracle Fruit. Suddenly the Synsepalum dulcificum was the popular girl at the party, introducing tastebuds around the world to delightfully new taste sensations. When eaten the Synsepalum dulcificum (or Miracle Fruit, as it’s known colloquially) coats the tongue with an […]


Nay, you’re the Double King!

Fatburger can be a contentious place to eat. They pair freshly made burgers with sit-down pub food restaurant prices, in a fast food setting. A meal for four can easily top $50, making it an occasional dalliance, rather than a frequent outing. Rolling all the way up to the menu to the top you’ll find […]

Crimson Carnage, in all it’s glory.

Crimson Carnage: Red means go.

There was an incredible amount of skepticism when it was announced that McDonald’s was going to take on the Queen in her own house; the launch of the McFlurry seemed shakey going up against the heavy-weight Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Would this new treat, we wondered, go the same way as McDonald’s Pizza, banished from […]


WTF Verse 1, Chapter 1: The Big Cluck

Today’s WTF entry is The Big Cluck from the venerable food chain we all turn to in the dark hours when we’re simply not interested in firing up the stove or setting the grill to flame outdoors: McDonalds. Here’s how to make it…